Virtual Reality Programming

WAD Viewer VR

Last year I developed an app for viewing custom levels for Doom in VR using Google Cardboard.

Using the built-in menu interface in VR, you can load .WAD files that contain custom level designs and graphics, then view the levels in 3D at full scale.

Get WAD Viewer VR on the Google Play Store


  • View .WAD files in a virtual reality environment using Google Cardboard
  • Add additional PWADs to change graphics and add more levels!
  • Compatible with most "vanilla" Doom engine WADs
  • In-game map accessible from bottom menu
  • Miniature 3D wireframe view
  • Enable or disable gravity and collision detection
  • Switch between stereoscopic 3D and full-screen 2D
Technical features:
  • Stereoscopic visibility culling using binary space partitioning
  • 3D collision detection and player physics
  • 3D menu interface designed for VR, including file browser and graphics options
  • Animated doors and moving platforms with VR controls
  • Custom WAD loading (color palettes, sprite graphics, wall textures, level geometry)

Get WAD Viewer VR on the Google Play Store

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